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Lovely Sexy Girls

This erotic coffee-table book is like a journey through the myth of the woman as seductress – the femme fatale. And we like to let ourselves be seduced by this young beauties who never ceases to show themselves from different angles, in shameless, endless postures. They know how to seduce and are exquisitely crafted in the art of ritual. Who are these young women really? They may be naked, and sometimes even more than naked – displaying the shaved vulva in extreme close-ups – these women will always remain a mystery. They are of the same stuff dreams are made of. With her eyes closed, or on the contrary, set high toward the heavens, the seductress is arching, her hips outstretched: “Do you like me?”

ISBN 978-3-943105-49-0
Photography: Daniel Fehr
128 pages
Format: 28 x 20 cm
136 color photographs
Texts German, English, French
Price: 59,90 €