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Secret Dreams of Erotic Princess 2

The girls in Kenichi Murata’s pictures, as they spread their legs, seem to be asking us a question: can you guess what my true form is? The more one looks at their little buttocks, snow-white breasts and soft vulvas, the more one starts to question his own eyes: There is something which surrounds the girls that seem to be from another world. Kenichi Murata’s great talent is to make us feel these invisible presences in his pictures. These seemingly otherworldly girls have the same power as cult objects or holy apparitions: they create an erotic force field and strong desire. Murata’s dreamlike beauties are inviting us to this very unique world of magic...

Photography: Kenichi Murata
88 pages
Panoramic format: 30 x 22 cm
98 color photographs
Texts German, English, French
Price: 59,90 €