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Super Sex Girl

Lynn and Ben start their relationship at the age of eighteen. When Ben takes the first time nude pictures of her, Lynn takes a fancy to it, just as she does to sex. “We would have sex around 3 to 5 times a day for the first year and then when we lived together, it was at least once every day. We had copious amounts of sex in the mirror (as we are both very visual people). Then it was time to have the camera constantly out.” Ben has his “Super Sex Girl” portrayed over all this years, when having sex with her, but also with strangers, in erotic stockings, while having fun with “glory holes”, peeing, masturbating and many more. An exiting selection of their unlimited plays of lust is now shown in this autentic coffee-table book.

ISBN 978-3-943105-37-0
photography: Kenichi Murata
112 pages
panoramic format: 30 x 22 cm
144 color and b&w photographs
texts German, English, French
Price: 59,90 €

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