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Feminine Anarchy - Girls Pissing In Public

These photos of feminine anarchy prove that young women are taking the selfconfident and courageous leap from mere fantasy into the actual reality of slender girls' legs in pisssoaked jeans. Coolly, matter-of-factly and with infectious grins, they let go and let that special juice flow."

"For it is only she who will satisfy me with an issuing forth of bodily fluids. And as her pee begins to spew from her engorged cunt, her laugher breaks the palpable tension. To her this is also fun."
Jackie McMillan

Photography: Amanda James and Paul Compton
ISBN 3-934020-17-7
dimensions 17 x 24cm,
128 pages
texts in G, E, F
128 full-color photographs
hardcover, thread bound
Price 49,90 EUR

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"Cheerfully and proudly, the girls pee in more or less public places with and without panties. All these girls are pretty exhibitionists who obviously have a lot of fun competing with their male colleagues."



"Indoors or outdoors, these models have no inhibitions about 'letting it flow.' A really great opportunity to surprise your friends with an unusual coffee-table book."
Wet Set