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Young Shaven Beauties

The complete epilated body is quite big in fashion today. Right after their intimate shaving these models of Alex Truew show up nude with orgasmic brazenness before his camera: bulged pubic hill, glossy rift, breezy pussy. So they pose insolently, and with infectious gaiety open-air or lolled at a luxury couch, exposing their clean cunt cheerfully smiling. It is obvious that they love their sex. They love it and they caress it devotedly. In these pictures you can see the wind of freedom blowing: youthfully, gaily, and provoking. Their skin becomes so hypersensitive when their sex is completely shaved that a simple puff of fresh air suffices to excite them. A breeze on the clit blossom, or a small targeted blow of the tongue suffices to ignite arousal … yes, of course! The female sex is so sensitive!

Photography: Alex Truew
ISBN 978-3-934020-24-7
Panoramic format 24 x 17 cm
128 pages
texts in German, Englisch, French
197 photographs in full color
hardcover thread bound
price 49,90 Euro (incl. tax)

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