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Naked girls with small breasts

In the era dominated by very big breasts, the book you are holding is a miracle. It is the result of a long and tenacious work, made in an unquenched quest for beauty and mammal shapes. Dave Naz is a natural small breasts enthusiast. In history of art, it was not only the Spanish writer and poet Roman Gomez de la Serna who asked himself: why have some women such little breasts? Amazons’ breasts, for instance, always raised a lot of questions. In the Middle Ages, paintings of the Virgin Mary often showed the Madonna with a very small bulging breast, a symbol of her beauty.

Until the 17th century or so, western painting glorified women’s physique with breasts like Reinette apples, always highlighted by low-cuts. White, small and spherical breasts were considered as the criteria number one to seduce. These breasts, said to be “perfect”, were actually called “tits” in the courteous tongue, an allusion to their smallness. Yet, etymologically, the word “breast” does not necessarily indicate anything big. On the contrary, the term comes from old Saxon “briost”, meaning “bud”.

These photographs celebrate with passion the amazing diversity of small breasts. There is no pair like another. Each woman has a unique and original one. Conclusion: Women with small breasts can be beautiful and very erotic.

ISBN 978-3-943105-55-1
Photography: Dave Naz
128 pages
Format: 28 x 20 cm
120 color photographs
Texts English, German, French
Price: 59,90 €