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Secret Dreams of Erotic Princess

It is no surprise to see what you call “princesses” in Murata’s pictures, sprawled on an old sofa or on the floor right in the middle of wilted leaves – heiresses of age-old fairy tales. Just like abandoned princesses in the 12th century, they are waiting for the man who is to come to their rescue. While waiting, they are daydreaming, playing, and caressing themselves in the candlelight. What counts is nothing but love and sexuality, Murata tells us with his photographs. His images are impressing by their perfection of a glimpse of juvenile, fugitive beauty.

ISBN 978-3-943105-36-0
photography: Kenichi Murata
88 pages
panoramic format: 30 x 22 cm
80 color photographs
texts German, English, French
Price: 59,90 €

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