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The New Hairy Nudes

Here we are in the 21st century, and as you can see in this triumphant book, pubic hair has made a comeback. In order to be desirable, a woman had to have a luxuriant bush as a symbol of both her boldness and her libido. Photographer Quinn Dolan used light to highlight them even better. He lit them head-on so they could not hide anything. There are no shadows on these pictures. We can see everything. We can see the smile of the models as they display their hairy triangle like some kind of barbaric piece of jewelry. Showing their untouched body, the one that nature gave to them, these proud women make pubic hair an essential element of their sex-appeal.

ISBN 978-3-943105-51-3
Photography: Quinn Dolan
128 pages
Format: 28 x 20 cm
157 color photographs
Texts German, English, French
Price: 59,90 €