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TranceRelax 1 by Transpilots

The ”Trancepilots” are the two German jazz and world musicians Jerry Cosmo and Luigi Campala. Their music is a successful blend of diverse influences and musical styles from around the world. Alongside classical Western instruments, a variety of Asian and African percussion instruments also repeatedly enliven their music. Their wonderful sounds build a bridge between the long, airy arcs of meditative music and earthy, body-related rhythms. This juxtaposition of medial consciousness and grounded energy lets listeners experience the exchange in both directions.

The track called ”Desert Trance” features the ch’in, an unusual, five-stringed instrument that’s rich in overtones. The ch’in can be blown, plucked, struck, sung into or made to vibrate by placing directly atop a loudspeaker. Each method of playing creates a specific tone, but the ch’in always has an analogue, warm, celestial sound.
In all four pieces, the musicians develop meditative sonic spaces of epic breadth. They invite characters to enter and exit their sonic stage. And they tell stories full of musical depth.
It’s like an endless flow of time and space. They also build long, groovy arcs which they keep in well-balanced tension with shimmering sonic textures and fascinating, hypnotic, instrumental improvisations. They accomplish this by drawing on their many years of experience as band musicians and as producers of film music, African dance productions and Tribal Earth projects. They’re supported by the singer Junesix, whose ethereally light vocals have an inspiring vitality that transports her listeners into a world of feelings, visions and relaxation.

TranceRelax 1
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“Pilots through sonic spaces: desert dunes and watery soundscapes inspire the four 20-minute-long titles on this CD. It’s a pleasure to immerse oneself in these sonic landscapes. This is an exquisite chill out and an exemplary production.”, customer evaluation



“The Australians tend to be a relaxed group of people. And nowhere are the Aussies more laid back than at Byron Bay, a uniquely energetic power spot on the extreme easternmost coast of the Fifth Continent. Byron Bay is also the birthplace of the majority of the music in the new TranceRelax Music Collection from Edition Reuss Publishers. This collection includes five CDs filled with relaxing music to accompany yoga, meditation and massage, or simply to inspired the listener’s dreams. Many of these compositions were inspired by the fascinating natural environment of this unique Australian locality. The listener’s mind, body and soul are soothed by the swish and rustle of the ocean and by impressions of natural beauty that have been magically transformed into sounds.
Raga-based compositions, underlain with mysterious didgeridoo sounds, create a relaxing feeling. In addition to the didgeridoo, the sonic mix also includes numerous less-familiar instruments, e.g. the kalimba (a thumb piano) or the bermbau (an Afro-Brazilian string instrument). But this music isn’t played solely by Australian natives and immigrants to Australia. Musicians from many countries collaborated to create this extraordinary collection, which includes a wide spectrum of relaxing music for various moods and situations. TranceRelax 2, which features music by a group called ‘Celestial Dreaming,’ is especially suitable for meditation. Other CDs in the collection even include danceable tracks, e.g. TranceRelax 3 and 4 by Tarshito & Friends. The first collection of its kind, here’s soothing sonic balsam for mind and spirit.”
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