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TranceRelax 5 by Andy Holm

Andy Holm has lived happily “Down Under” in sunny Australia for more than 20 years. He was born in Hamburg in faraway Germany, where he published his first album of New Age music in the early 1980s. Eager to expand his musical repertoire, he spent two years in India, where he was enchanted by the celestial, meditative sounds of the sitar and tabla that he heard in Kashmir. Afterwards he went to Australia, where he encountered and learned to appreciate another fascinating instrument: the didgeridoo, the magical cult instrument of the Aborigines, the indigenous people of Australia.

Enthusiastic about Australia’s relaxing and creative atmosphere, he found a new homeland in the metropolis of Sydney. The kindness and openness of the people and life on the Pacific Ocean with its gorgeous beaches, including trendy “Bondi Beach,” captivated him and inspired him to compose new pieces of music. He also met Kerrilyn, the Australia woman with whom he chose to share his life. Their daughter Maanee was born on November 9, 1989, the very day that the Berlin Wall fell in Germany. Andy soon published additional CDs of his own compositions. He played with the didgeridoo virtuoso Alan Dargin and performed live more than 400 times in the 1990s. Whether in front of Sydney’s famous opera house, on the chic promenade at Darling Harbour, or on a concert tour in Singapore, audiences are always enthusiastic about Andy Holm’s relaxing and unusual music. Finally, he surprised his fans with a solo piece called “Rebirth,” a sort of theater show in which he performed as an actor and musician.
The year 2000 was a fateful one and a turning point in his life. He was supposed to provide musical accompaniment for the grand opening of the “Para-Olympics” in Sydney, but destiny had other plans. A car cut him off and he was catapulted from his motorcycle. Seriously injured and unconscious, he was rushed to a hospital. He awoke to find that he’d suffered numerous broken bones and dangerous spinal contusions. After many surgical operations, he could finally leave the hospital, but was initially confined to a wheelchair. He gazed longingly through his window toward the ocean and listened to the sound of the surf. Classical medicine had nothing more to offer him, but Andy and his wife Kerrilyn didn’t give up. After 20 months’ time, and thanks to alternative healing methods, he was able to walk – first on crutches and then unassisted. It was a miracle. Andy felt as though he’d been reborn.
After having lived for 20 years in the ever-expanding metropolis of Sydney, the time had come for a change of scene. Andy, his wife and their daughter moved in 2003 to Byron Bay, a more peaceful venue 800 kilometers north of Sydney. This extraordinarily beautiful seaside location has a pleasant subtropical climate. Byron Bay is still characterized by the alternative lifestyle practiced by its residents, many of whom first settled here in the 1970s and Eighties. At this uniquely energetic place, Andy found the ideal spirit that inspired him to produce wonderful new compositions, e.g. for documentary films and festivals. Working in his own studio, he repeatedly delights his fans with new compositions. His music is a brilliant and lively blend of electronic synthesizer sounds and traditional instruments such as the didgeridoo, Asian flutes, kalimba and berimbau.

TranceRelax 5
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“This CD is genuine insider’s tip. If you’re looking for gorgeous music to accompany relaxation and dreaming, and if you’d like that music packaged in an elaborately designed slipcase, then you’ll no doubt be very enthusiastic about this fifth CD in the TranceRelax Music Collection. These relaxing grooves were composed by the German world musician Andy Holm, who made a dream come true more than 20 years ago when he emigrated to sunny Australia. He lives there in a paradisiacal place called “Byron Bay,” just a stone’s throw from sandy white beaches and the turquoise-blue Pacific Ocean. In this energy-filled, sun-drenched environment, Andy Holm found the right spirit for his world music. These compositions are a lively blend of electronic sounds and traditional instruments such as didgeridoo, Asian flutes, kalimba and berimbau. His music makes listeners want to relax and enjoy a seaside holiday!”



“All those who opt for music by the multitalented German composer Andy Holm, who has lived Down Under for more than twenty years, will rediscover themselves in imaginative sonic spaces. This artist uses all of the possibilities afforded by electronic and natural instruments to generate both rhythmical and meditatively floating ambiences. Seven titles, ranging in length from 5 to 14 minutes, demonstrate the diverse and emotional effects that music can have. This CD is very well suited for use with every form of spiritual work, from breath exercises to yoga.” (customer evaluation****)



“The Australians tend to be a relaxed group of people. And nowhere are the Aussies more laid back than at Byron Bay, a uniquely energetic power spot on the extreme easternmost coast of the Fifth Continent. Byron Bay is also the birthplace of the majority of the music in the new TranceRelax Music Collection from Edition Reuss Publishers. This collection includes five CDs filled with relaxing music to accompany yoga, meditation and massage, or simply to inspired the listener’s dreams. Many of these compositions were inspired by the fascinating natural environment of this unique Australian locality. The listener’s mind, body and soul are soothed by the swish and rustle of the ocean and by impressions of natural beauty that have been magically transformed into sounds.
Raga-based compositions, underlain with mysterious didgeridoo sounds, create a relaxing feeling. In addition to the didgeridoo, the sonic mix also includes numerous less-familiar instruments, e.g. the kalimba (a thumb piano) or the bermbau (an Afro-Brazilian string instrument). But this music isn’t played solely by Australian natives and immigrants to Australia. Musicians from many countries collaborated to create this extraordinary collection, which includes a wide spectrum of relaxing music for various moods and situations. TranceRelax 2, which features music by a group called ‘Celestial Dreaming,’ is especially suitable for meditation. Other CDs in the collection even include danceable tracks, e.g. TranceRelax 3 and 4 by Tarshito & Friends. The first collection of its kind, here’s soothing sonic balsam for mind and spirit.”
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