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Black & Grey Tattoo 1-3

Volume 1: Traditional Black & Grey
List of tattoo artists of all three volumes:

BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1: Jack Rudy, Jesus "Chuey" Quintanar, Freddy Negrete, Isaiah Negrete, Mark Mahoney, Timothy Hendricks, Antonio Mejia, Guero Gallegos, El Choky, Chris Brand, Ben Grillo, Pablo Ash, Maneko, Allan Padilla, Krazy K, Eddy Reyes, Scrappy, Tatu Will, Enrique Castillo, El Stomper, Goethe, Clarens Monroy, Chente, Espi, Mister Cartoon, Abey Alvarez, Diego Garcia, Lil Roy, Pint, Laura Satana, Indio Reyes, Jose Lopez. BLACK & GREY TATTOO 2: Paul Booth, Xu Zhicheng,Tim Kern, Dan Marshall, Liorcifer, Wayan Suryana, Andy Engel, Kore Flatmo, Tony Mancia, Little Dragon, Jack Ribeiro, Bernie Luther, Benjamin Moss, Ethan Morgan, Jeremiah Barba, Dan Henk, Carlos Torres, Caesar, Victor Portugal, Mofo, Zsolt Sarkozi, Robert Hernandez, Lenu, Jason Butcher, Nicko. BLACK & GREY TATTOO 3: Bob Tyrrell, Andy Engel, Mayin, Bernie Luther, Robert Pho, Wayan Suryana, Brian Everett, Tony Mancia, Kore Flatmo, Enrico Ferracuti, Zsolt Sarkozi, Stefano Alcantara, Jason Butcher, Kari Barba, Mofo, Tim Kern, Leslie Reesen, Dougie Mittz, Paco Arias, Abey Alvarez, Pablo X-No, Jack Ribeiro

From Street Art to Fine Art

BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1-3 is a mammoth work. Comprising over a thousand pages and weighing 10kg (22 lbs), it is one of the largest – if not the largest – tattoo book ever published! Its three large-format volumes are contained inside a lavish and sturdy hardcover box. "BLACK & GREY TATTOO explores a monochrome art form through a kaleidoscope of the most widely diverse interpretations and craftsmanly techniques, performed by tattoo artists from all parts of the world."

This tattoo tome explores the origins of black & grey tattooing — from the prisons and streets of LA to its contemporary resonance on Hollywood’s red carpets, at heavy metal music fests, and in private ateliers from Budapest to Beijing. While rendered in just shades of grade, the spectrum of design is vast: Aztec warriors, fierce harpies, family portraits, religious icons and permanent shrines to celebrities adorn these pages. The common thread among them all is their inventive exposition and mastery of execution.

Black & Grey Tattoo is divided into three parts: Traditional Black & Grey, Dark/Horror, and Photorealism. Indeed, there’s cross-pollination among the different styles, but the breakdown isn’t just for easier lifting of this monster collection. It is to show how tattoos with similar stylistic elements are interpreted differently by stellar artists around the world. The book also presents the fine art — including paintings and charcoals — of many of those featured, although the tattoos themselves should be considered fine art.

Autoren: Marisa Kakoulas und Edgar Hoill
ISBN 978-3-934020-85-6
Mammoth three-volume:
large-format hardcover books,
24,5 x 31,5 cm
covers with silver embossing; a total of 1008 pages

(BLACK &GREY TATTOO 1 – Traditional; 336 pages)
(BLACK & GREY TATTOO 2 – Dark/Horror; 400 pages)
(BLACK & GREY TATTOO 3 – Photorealism; 272 pages)
texts in English, German and Spanish
more than 860 full-color photographs
This 10 kg (22lb) heavyweight comes in a sturdy high-quality hardcover box inside a carrier case

BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1-3 - ISBN 978-3-934020-85-6

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”Frankly, this is the motherlode of all tattoo art books. There will be no discussion on this – ever. One volume alone is enough to wipe-out a good few hours of your life – three is incredible. In total, it clocks in at over 1000 pages and weights more than a medium sized dog complete with slip-case.”
There’s no place that’s been left uncovered either as every conceivable avenue is explored in its entirety. From ghetto street art to the uber-elite, nobody to celebrity, realism to fantasy from Bangkok to Budapest, I challenge you to find anything that’s been left out in this collection – but they all have one thing on common. Total excellence and commitment to quality – the combined authorship of Marisa Kakoulas and Edgar Hoill has seen to that.
It’s impossible to convey how fantastic and essential these volumes are in a relatively small amount of words but when you’re getting the cream of the tattoo world interviewed and featured in three different languages, it’s hard to want for anything else. To take Paul Booth as an example – just about every interview he has ever done is condensed into a fantastic font of all knowledge entry. In fact, think of an artist you respect, admire and want to be as good as – you’ll find them in here.
As one would expect, the presentation of the art is treated with the utmost respect and thought for how it will appear and with a single sweep of the hand, Edition Reuss prove that they are the masters of the tattoo art book. For once, I am lost for words. A totally incredible collection of books that absolutely must be on your shelf.
SKIN DEEP (United Kingdom)



”We can assure you that you will enjoy this magnificent collection!” 

”The word ’epic’ is oft-overused in this day and age of internet shenanigans and grammatically-challenged cats, but it’s the first adjective to mind upon leafing through BLACK & GREY TATTOO a mighty tome of monocromatic excellence. Marisa and co-author Egar Hoill have managed to document the evolution and expansion of this area of tattooing through ist formative years on the West Coast to ist application in horror and photorealism, including interviews with a choice selection of black and grey maestros. You won’t find a more thorough point of reference for black and grey work than this, and the heady cocktail of superb photography and knowledgeable writing makes BLACK & GREY TATTOO a peerless authority on all that is comprised of varying shades of black and white.”
” It is so nice to see a tattoo book that is exactly what it should be, a celebration of the art and the individuals who make it possible. I have a small collection of tattoo related books and I’ve seen many others that for one reason or another I don’t own. Black and Grey Tattoo stands out among those books, it sets the bar high and makes its home comfortably among the massive tomes of classic art and photography, matching them in quality and class.”



”Dieses Werk ist die Bibel für Tattoo-Fans und Körperkunst-Ästheten, Inspirationsquell und Nachschlagewerk gleichermaßen.”
BÖRSE AM SONNTAG (Deutschland)



Five star customer review at 5.0 out of 5 stars Weighty! If you're serious about tattoos this is a must. Save your pennies and be forever rewarded with excellent source material and inspiration.
AMAZON (United Kingdom)



Five star customer review at 5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Books! I bought these while browsing the internet as I was looking for some very nice tattoo books of a large size with plenty of pictures. These do not fail in those category's. They are very heavy, quite large with some of the best tattoo works I have seen all on nicely done full glossy pictures. They are not cheap but well worth the money for books that people will want to flick through all the time. You can also get an idea of some very good tattoo artists and styles if you are looking to get a tattoo from the worlds best, they are all in here. I recommend these books!
AMAZON (United Kingdom)

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